“Sustainability is operating in a way that meets our current needs without compromising the needs of the future.”


SIA is an industry leader in environmental stewardship. It goes way beyond recycling. It’s a way of life here at SIA. Every SIA Associate is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to become better stewards of our environment and our track record reflects it!

SIA’s Environmental Firsts:

  • 1994: 1st U.S. auto plant to become smoke-free

  • 1998: 1st U.S. auto plant to earn ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management

  • 2002: 1st U.S. auto plant to implement an on-site solvent recovery and reuse system

  • 2003: 1st U.S. auto plant to be designated a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation

  • 2004: 1st U.S. auto plant to achieve zero landfill

  • 2012: 1st U.S. auto plant to earn ISO 50001 Certification for Energy Management


If you put a single bag of trash at your curb this week, you’ve sent more to a landfill than SIA will this entire year!  View our Environmental Awards.   




we work to sustain

the land

SIA was the first U.S. auto plant to achieve zero landfill. By reducing, reusing and recycling, SIA avoids sending any waste to a landfill for disposal.


  • Scrap metal from the stamping shop is collected and sent off to become smaller car parts.

  • Over-spray from the paint shop is collected and sent off to become safety barricades on highways.

  • We’ve eliminated waste from the weld testing process by using an ultrasonic weld test instead the traditional destructive weld test.

  • Glass from used light bulbs are turned into reflective road striping.

  • The Styrofoam and plastic packaging that is used to ship part to SIA is sent back to the part suppliers to be used again and again.

  • In the body shop, weld slag is swept up, collected in large barrels and sent to other countries to reclaim the copper. We even recycle our dust!

the water

The water leaving SIA’s property is cleaner than the water when it enters it. Through a complex filtration system teamed with continuous reductions in water use, SIA has proven that it takes water conservation seriously by being the only U.S. auto plant to become a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. That means that the land and water surrounding SIA are clean and safe enough to support native wildlife.

The ponds and wooded areas on SIA’s 832-acre site are home to the American Bald Eagle, the Great Blue Heron, coyote, deer, Great Horned Owl, rabbit, beaver, muskrat, egret, vultures, hawks and many more.

the air

SIA is a founding member of the Climate Registry.


In 2008, SIA was given the EPA Wastewise Award for Climate Change.


In 2012, SIA became the first U.S. Auto plant to earn ISO50001 certification for Energy Management.


SIA continually looks for ways to reduce energy use, thereby reducing our impact to the air.


the future

We know that the best way to sustain the earth for future generations, is to mold the youth of today into the environmental stewards of tomorrow.

SIA is the founder of STARS (Students and Teachers Achieving Recycling Success). Developed in 2005, this educational outreach program aims at educating, mentoring, encouraging and rewarding schools for becoming stewards of the environment.