safety training

The SIA Safety Orientation is an online training program that provides a general overview of SIA’s safety policies and procedures. If you are planning on visiting SIA for work or any reason (excluding public tours of the plant), please check with your SIA contact to find out if completion of this program is required prior to your arrival.


While this online training program provides a general overview of SIA’s safety policies and procedures, if you are performing any work at SIA, you may be required to complete formal training in areas including, but not limited to: Hot Work, Confined Spaces, Lifts, Hazard Communications, Lockout/Tagout, etc., depending on the nature and scope of your work.


Certification is valid for 2 years.



1. Click on the “START SAFETY TRAINING” button below to begin the program. If you haven’t already received it, contact your SIA contact to obtain a username and password to access the training program.


2. There are two sections within the training program. Section one is required for ALL visitors, vendors and contractors. Section two is required for anyone performing work on the production floor. Please double check with your SIA contact to find out which section(s) are required prior to your arrival at SIA.


3. As you navigate through the program, you will be prompted to answer several questions. Please fill in every blank to ensure your form can be submitted without an error. If you are unsure about an answer, type “unknown” in the blank.


4. If you are a group completing the training at the same time, carefully follow the directions for “group” certification. You will need to print and fill out the Group Certification Form and present it to SIA Security when you arrive at SIA.


5. Upon completion of EACH section, be sure to click on the check box certifying your understanding of the training material. There is a check box at the end of each section.


6. If you are a contractor or vendor, you may also be required to fill out and submit a Materials Pass, Contractor/Vendor Work Application Permit and Contractor/Vendor Daily Work Schedule. These forms can be accessed within the safety program. You can partially fill these out on the computer, but you will need to print and sign the forms and present them to SIA Security upon arrival.


7. When you are ready to submit your form, click the submit button. If you left any blanks empty, an error message will appear and you will need to go back through the program to complete all blanks.


8. You will then be asked which type of email application you are using. If you are using a desktop application, such as Outlook, select “desktop application”. If you are completing this program while at SIA, you should select the “desktop application” option. If you are using an internet application such as “gmail, yahoo, aol, msn or comcast”, select “internet application”. If you are using an internet application, you will be prompted to save your data on your desktop and then attach the file to an email.


9. Some email applications have built in security measures, so you may see a warning regarding potential security threats. Click “yes” to submit your data to SIA.


10. You will not receive a confirmation email, however, if you did not receive any error messages, your data has been received.