What is the problem with landfills?
What is a Landfill?

A landfill is a place where waste is taken for disposal. At a landfill, waste is spead by bulldozers and then covered with soil, ash, foam or other covering daily. Landfills are one of the oldest methods of waste disposal.

Although many advances and many regulations have lessened the environmental impact of landfills, they still pose a significant risk. Soil contamination can reach nearby water streams and farmland. Methane gas is released into the air which contributes to greenhouse gases. Landfills harbor diseases and pests that transport these diseases.

Here's where we can help. At SIA, we've had ten years experience of being zero landfill. We've created this website as a tool to help you achive zero landfill, too. Take a tour of the website. Get informed. Get inspired. Then click on "Take the Pledge" and begin your journey to zero landfill today!

Sending your waste to a landfill can be costly. You are probably paying to have your waste sent to a landfill. And in the end, we all will be paying for the impact it makes on the environment. Click here for facts and figures that will reveal just how costly landfill waste disposal can be.

What can I do?
What does that mean to you?

When you, your company or your school puts trash out to the curb to be picked up, it is taken to a landfill. To be "zero landfill" means that you reduce, reuse and recycle all of your waste so that nothing ends up in a landfill.